Reincarnation, the Sanjak, and an ancient Yezidi prophecy

Reincarnation is  a fundamental belief that Yezidis maintain to this day. Reincarnation is normally found only in the Dharma


Yezidis are facing genocide again by KRG. Need urgent international help – Nallein Al Sowilo

After nearly a week of President Barzani’s Islamization of Shingal, the

Yezidis worldwide congratulate Yogi Adityanath for becoming Chief Minister of India’s most populous state

Yezidis worldwide came out to congratulate Yogi Adityanath, a Hindu Yogi

Kurdish KRG’s Islamization of Shingal and the ongoing genocide against the Yezidis

Kurdish leader Masound Barzani’s Peshmerga forces are collaborating with Turkey and

Dharmic Yezidis see the Yezidi faith similar to the Hindu faith. Request help from Mother India to survive

The Yezidi faith is the oldest faith in the Middle East

Jewish Schindler Steve Maman exposes the truth about the Yezidi Genocide by the Kurdistan Government

Jewish Schindler , Steve Maman who helped to run camp Petra for

Kurdish genocide of Yezidis in Mount Singhal seems a serious possibility due to food bockade

Goodbye Singhal – Humanity turned the other way while you died

Yezidis ask help from Trump and Netanyahu to save lives in Shingal as Kurdish blockade continues amidst severe winter

Yezidis in Shingal say they are facing genocide once again by

Kurdish forces impose blockade on Yezidi villages in Iraq

Aina-Kurdish security forces and Peshmergas imposed a blockade on Shingal and

Newly discovered footage shows Kurdish Peshmerga in alliance with ISIS

Disturbing footage has surfaced which shows Kurdish Peshmerga forces greeting an

YSDS-RINJ partnership to serve the Yezidis is now a year old

Exactly a year ago YSDS had contacted Rape Is No Joke

Why are Yezidis calling this man ‘Traitor Bozani’ ?

Khairi Bozani perhaps best illustrates what is wrong with the Yezidis