Reincarnation, the Sanjak, and an ancient Yezidi prophecy

Reincarnation is  a fundamental belief that Yezidis maintain to this day. Reincarnation is normally found only in the Dharma


Aid for Yezidis never reach the needy, while President Barzani allegedly has made billions

Barzani, the ruler of the Kurdistan Regional Authority received billions from

Boliva pledges support for Yezidi refugees. Hindus in Brazil pledge to shelter Yezidi Refugees

YSDS for the past year has been involved in negotiations with

RINJ accepts YSDS proposals. Allocates three million USD budget for healthcare facilities to the Yezidis

RINJ approved $3 million for health care projects for the Yezidis

Yezidi representative at the Democratic Party Caucus make common cause with the struggles of the LGBT community in Iraq

Nico Serra who is the Oregon State Delegate for the Democratic

YSDS to assist RINJ with fundraising effort to help Yezidis with basic healthcare in Iraq

YSDS is helping raise funds for Iraqi Yezidi communities of Shingal,

History Made: YSDS represents the Yezidi cause at the Democratic National Convention for the first time

The YSDS delegate presented the Yezidi cause to many at the

YSDS delegates at the Democratic National Convention represent the Yezidi cause

The delegates presented the Yezidi cause to many at the Democratic

On the 2nd Remembrance day of the 74th Yezidi genocide – YSDS vows to help the helpless

As we approach the second remembrance day of the 74th Yezidi

ISIS and their Kurdish, Arab sympathizers work together before coalition airstrikes hit Mosul

As reported by RINJ who is working with Yezidi Sanatan Dharma