Clashes in Sinjar: Newsticker for 24th October

+++ 15:45 pm +++
ISIS terrorists are attacking the Meme Reshan sanctuary with mortar shells. The terrorists managed to climb the south side of the mountain, coming within reach of resistance fighters and the sanctuary. The clashes are ongoing.

+++ 15:15 pm+++
Heavy clashes between resistance units and ISIS terrorists in the southern part of Mount Sinjar. With a large contingent of fighters, the terrorists are trying to reach and destroy the Ezidi sanctuary Meme Reshan. Resistance fighters are being attacked with mortar shells, calling for aistrikes against ISIS.

+++ 14:40 pm +++ 
German Ezidis who are fighting against ISIS on Mount Sinjar call on the German government not to `forsake´ them and help them out. If the resistance fighters are taken captive, no ransom should be paid in order to `fund the cycle of terrorism´, a German citizen of Ezidi origin asked via Facebook. Sheikh Kheri, a commander of the Ezidi resistance units lost his life in clashes on Tuesday. He was also a German citizen. Around 10,000 Ezidis are still trapped in Mount Sinjar, being surrounded by ISIS terrorists. More than 50 resistance fighters have died in the recent day´s clashes so far.

+++ 14:23 pm +++
Commanders of Sinjar´s Protection Unit HPS report that 15 ISIS terrorists have been killed in the last few hours in clashes in Mihirkan. The fightings are ongoing.

+++ 13:30 am +++
ISIS terrorists are trying to advance into the mountain from Sinjar´s largest cement factory. In order to climb to the top of the hills, the terrorists have gone over to use donkeys as a means of transportation.

+++ 13:20 am+++
More ISIS convoys from Mosul and Tel Afar as well as the Syrian-Iraqi border are heading to Mount Sinjar.

+++ 13:15 am +++
Sinjar´s Protection Unit HPS has just repelled an ISIS attack on the pilgrimage site Pire Ewra, killing five terrorists and seizing their weapons.

+++ 11:20 am +++
Our correspondent in Sinjar reports that six armed ISIS vehicles were destroyed yesterday in airstrikes occurred in Sinjar city.

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