Islamists in Germany destroy Yezidi paintings depicting the genocide by ISIS


Even after fleeing genocide in Iraq the plight of the peaceful Yezidis continue. Two Yazidis expatriate painters, Qasim and Musafer had opened an exhibition by the name of Shingal in Paini city, Hanover Germany. The paintings are about Yazidis plight , sufferings and horror at the time when Islamic state wild animals attacked Shingal.  The painting doors opened on January 13th , 2016 in the city museum and and will get over on April 10th, 2016. Yesterday Yezidi Post correspondent received the heartbreaking news that the most important painting has been destroyed and throw out on to the streets in Germany.  An Yezidi activist , Hawas Singhaly said, “Despite kidnapping our girls, women and killing  our people they want to kill everything left in us”.  Yezidis International, a US based organization for the Yezidis,  demanded action from the German authorities and requested all humanitarian organisations and citizens of the free world to protest against this barbarism.

Paintings by Yezidi artists in recent times






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