Yezidis worldwide prepare for Sere Sal 2016 – the Yezidi New Year – in pics

The Yezidi New Year is almost a month after the Kurdish New Year and will be celebrated on April 15th , 2016 coinciding with Hindu New Year. Yezidis in US, Europe and Armenia has already started preparing.

Blossoms symbolic of Reincarnation also put on graves

Pine cones put on graves again symbolic of Reincarnation

Pine cones put in the bowl symbolic of the Sun and the tree of life. Yezidis pray towards the Sun 3-5 times a day

Yezidi supreme Spiritual leader Baba Shiekh blessing a young Yezidi girl. The Yezidis use something akin to what the Hindus call Tilak. The essence of Tilak is the third eye or wisdom.

Pics by Nallein Al Sowilo

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