Yezidi national resistance force (YBS) rescues captives from ISIS – Barzani led KRG terrorists try to kidnap them again

By Mirza Ismail

Yezidi national resistance force (YBS) yesterday rescued a group of abducted Yazidi families and individuals from Syria, who were in the custody of the Islamic State (IS) since August 03, 2014 and brought them to their headquarters, which was once a Concert Hall ,at the mountain foot from the northern side, before the Yezidi genocide began. Then a group of Kurdish Peshmerga (terrorists) came from the Kurdish Democratic Party of Kurdistan and tried to block the road between the Sinony town and the YBS headquarters and demanded the YBS to hand them over the rescued Yezidis, so that the KRG’s dictatorial authority can use the rescued innocent Yezidis for its propaganda in the in Western media, who have no clue about the KRG’s partnership with the Islamic State. However, the Yezidi national resistance force (YBS) refused the demand that was made by the KRG terrorist group and then the KRG forces directly threatened YBS.

Therefore, the Yezidi Human Rights Organization International is calling upon the international community to put pressure on Barzani and his mafia organization KRG to stop their crimes against Yezidis and withdraw their terrorist Peshmergas from the Yezidi region of Sinjar immediately.


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