Yezidi national flag spotted during Barcelona – Real Madrid game

Spectators were surprised to see audience during the Real Madrid Barcelona match in Germany wrapping themselves up in the Yezidi national flag. Pro Ezdixan slogans were also raised. Many Yezidis who were present raised their voice for a Yezidi homeland where every community can co-exist free from all religious persecution in the middle east. So far during the 74th genocide of the Yezidis, almost a million Yezidis in Iraq  have been forced to live in camps as internally displaced people with no possibility to return to their homes anymore. The living condition in the camps is sub-human to say the least with systematic religious persecution sill continuing daily under KRG and the Peshmegas led by Barzani. More than 10,000 Yezidis have been killed with new mass graved being discovered every other day while the number of dead keeps going up. More than 7000 Yezidi women have been kidnapped and being sold as sex-slaves. US Secretary of State , John Kerry has recently declared the Yezidi massacre as a  genocide.

Pic Courtesy: Keca Ezdi Yezidi


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