Is Shia majority Azerbaijan using Islamic State recruits to wipe out Yezidis in neighboring Armenia ?

Yezidis again are at the receiving end, this time in Armenia where Islamists seem to have opened a second front through neighboring Azerbaijan after Iraq.  Armenia is tolerant to the Yezidi faith and a safe haven for the Yezidis where Yezidi faith schools exist and there is a size-able Yezidi representation in the Armenian parliament. There were already reports of Shia majority Azerbaijan hiring Islamic State wild animals as recruits for a while now to be used in the front line- On April 3rd , Azerbaijani Islamic forces began attacking Armenians in Tavush province which also include the towns of Berduvab and Kotl. Fighting erupted in the region of Nagonmo Karbakn,  a region belonging to Armenia but surrounded by Azerbaijani Muslims, many of whom are demanding an independent Islamic state . Armenian defense minster also reported that 18 Armenian solders including a Yezidi solder were killed in fighting. Meanwhile photos emerged in VKontakte showing pictures of Azerbaijani  soldiers displaying beheaded head of the martyred Yezidi soldier Karam Sloyan in ISIS type savagery. Sloyan came from the town of  Astarak which is in Aragatsotn province, where many Yezidis live. Another Yezidi, Sidar Aloyan also died in December 2015 fighting the Azerbajanis as an Armenian soldier. Sunni majority Turkey meanwhile has pledged support for Shia majority Azerbaijan and the establishment of an Islamic State in Armenia.





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