Camp Petra offers peace and shelter to the Yezidis in Greece away from Islamic fundamentalists

Many Yezidis have come together at Petra camp in Greece . Situated next to the Olympus mountain, which is the biggest tourist attraction in Greece, camp Petra has become a secure refuge for the Yezidis who were being attacked by Islamic fundamentalists , at the Idomeni camp, a few days ago. The Greek government has provided the Petra camp, which is a brand new camp, due to the organized  efforts of Steve Maman of CYCI and after prolonged negotiations. There is a cafeteria next to the camp and room for watching television. There is also a bus service available. The kids are enjoying their time in the camp. CYCI intends to bring all  Yezidis together in the camp so that the Greek government can provide more focused services to the Yezidis. 

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