Camp Petra proves a success as CYCI critics fall silent

Steve Maman’s  critics have been proved wrong again as the Jewish Schindler brings peace and security to 3700 or more Yezidis in Greece.

Camp Petra is turning out a game changer not just for the Yezidi community but the entire refugee problem plaguing the world today. Greece which is at ground zero of the crisis, and acting as a transit for thousands of people from Iraq and the rest of the world heading to Germany, Jewish Scindler, Steve Maman has helped to set up a camp with the help of the Greek government exclusively for the Yezidis. Compared to places like Idomeni camp, where Yezidis were attacked by Islamic fundamentalists, camp Petra has turned out to be a game-changer, with only Yezidis occupying it presently. Children are found to be smiling, boys are playing soccer and grandmas are smiling. The camp has a cafeteria , a bus service and is providing three meals a day to the residents. There is also a television room and a free bus service.

However the road to success for Steve Maman had not come easy. Many Yezidis who had opposed Steve Maman has surprisingly gone silent. Many Yezidis with ties to the Kurdistan government had ganged up to oppose Steve’s effort in the social media. Many Yezidis had been duped by this social media effort initially but later found out their mistake. However the pictures that come out of Greece tell a different story. What the Greek experiment is telling us, is also perhaps the solution to the global problems today. Yezidis need a homeland in the middle east to live in peace sustainably.




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