Former Yezidi parliamentarian from Germany Feleknas Uca visits the headquarters of the Yezidi Protection Forces in Mount Singhal

Feleknas Uca, a former German parliamentarian and a Yezidi herself visited the Sinjar Protection Force headquarters in Mount Singhal.

Feleknas Uca is a former German parliamentarian and  sat on the Parliament’s committees on Culture, Education and  Media & Equal Opportunities. Born in Celle, Lower Saxony, West Germany to an immigrant Yezidi family originally from Turkey, she graduated from Comprehensive School in Celle before taking an apprenticeship as a doctor’s assistant, and completed her Abitur by distance learning. In 1999, aged just 22, she was elected to the European Parliament on the Party of Democratic Socialism ticket. Until July 2014, Feleknas Uca lived in Celle until she relocated to Diyarbakir in Turkey. On 7 April 2015, Uca was nominated by the HDP party in Turkey to their electoral list, for the last parliamentary elections, as one of a number of Yezidis running for office. The Turkish Higher Electoral Board announced that she was elected to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. She is the first ever Yezidi member of the Assembly along with Atalan.

Recently she visited the Sinjar Protection Force headquarters in Mount Singhal.

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