Yezidis celebrate the rebirth of spring and fertility of nature

On April 20th  Yezidis all over the world celebrate the rebirth of spring and fertility of nature. It falls on Wednesday and marks the first days of creation of earth, when Tausi Melek ascends the earth to bless the earth with his seven rainbow colors. Along with him the seven rainbow Angels accompanies him and are assigned by Tausi Melek spiritual task in the governing of the universe. These seven angels also Reincarnate and can come down to the earth in human form. Tausi Malek is also considered to be the center of the cosmic eye. A similar concept exist in other belief systems too , like the third eye in Hinduism. Many Yezidis paint the eggs with the rainbow colors and visit Lalish. The Yezidis celebrated Sere Sal on April 13th and which occurs between the 9th and 17th every year.  The April New Year celebrations also occur in different parts of the world particularly India in line with the Hindu calender. This year the Hindu new year was on 8th April and is followed by Navaratri (9 nights) and ended on 15th of April. Like Yezidis, Hindus believe that Brahma created the Universe on 8th of April. Most communities in India celebrated their New Year within this time.

Below is a picture of Baba Shex , the Supreme Yezidi spiritual leader blessing a Yezidi girl and applying the holy oil soot on New Year

Other New Year Pics






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