YSDS appeals to the US State Department and UNHCR to accommodate the Yezidis as well

YSDS helping Yezidis who are in camps in Iraq to come to US. Few months ago Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society (YSDS) engaged in talks with Larry Yungk, the senior resettlement officer at UNHCR, the officer in charge of the region of USA and Caribbean in hopes to negotiate Yezidi migration. The UNHCR has little provision to help the Yezidis. They also contacted the US State Department. To their utter shock the representatives of YSDS discovered that there no support for Yezidi refugees by the US sate department or UNHCR. State department guide lines state that most of the Yezidi refugees that are located outside the refugees camps in Iraq are safe, so it will be hard to get state department to help with relocation. This is an impossible argument as Yezidi families affected by the ISIS led genocide are fleeing the war zones in Iraq to land in camps spread across Syria , Turkey and Greece. The US State Department is oblivious to the condition of the Yezidis in these camps. However some Yezidis want to look at the positive side of things. YSDS representative Nallein Sowilo speaking to Yezidi Post said that at least those in the camps need to be aware of the guidelines and of their chances to reach US and seek shelter from the war zone. They however need their relative in US to sponsor or vouch for them. Their relative in us must fill out the State Department form called form 130 for them and submit. But even if state department approves the application, it may take 1 -3 years. Nallein Soliwo of YSDS believes that Yezidi families need to work with Yezidi organizations which in turn can work with other organizations like Iom which can help provide the transportation cost to bring the refugees. Her organization is already working on it to co-ordinate with relief agencies , state department and UNHCR in US and in Iraq.


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