Hindu organizations to help needy Yezidi patients with free treatment. Empower students with free education

Hindu Emergency Aid and Relief  Team promises to provide free treatment to needy Yezidi patients.

After the Hindu organization Sewa International recently announced that they have tied up with Yezidis International to help Indian Government sponsor the tuition expenses for needy Yezidi students, another Hindu organization, HEART ( Hindu Emergency Aid and Relief Team) has announced that it will provide free medical treatment to Yezidi patients who come to India.
The effort by these Hindu organizations come after Yezidis International founder and treasurer ,Gulie Khalaf met RSS Sarsanghchalak Guruji Mohan Bhagwat ji in India last year and sought help to empower the Yezidis so that Yezidis worldwide become strong from within and become protectors of the planet and Mother Earth from being victims presently. She along with Mirza Ismail , founder of Yezidi Human Rights International met the Hindu spiritual leaders too and sought their blessings. The spiritual leaders blessed the Yezidi cause, recalled the ancient connections between the Hindus and the Yezidis  and vowed to protect the Yezidi faith globally.
Another Yezidi organization Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society led by Nallein Sowilo had published an article , 6 months before the genocide began establishing the connections between the Hindus and the Yezidis. The genocide made the Hindus to dig deep into long forgotten ancient ties between the Hindus and the Yezidis and rallied the community to stand up to the extremely cruelty and barbarism being unleashed by ISIS and similar ideologies
Speaking to Yezidi Post, Dr. Shilpi Tiwari , spokesperson of HEART told that initially needy Yezidi patients suffering renal issues ( kidney failure) can apply to come to India for free treatment and surgery. Later other medical conditions like cardiac problems (heart troubles), gynecological, pediatric (children) and  cancer will also be treated. Nallein Sowilo of YSDS and Salem Baba Shex of Lalish played a major role in creating this program along with HEART.
Hindu organizations like Mission Vandemataram based out of Delhi has also greed to help the Yezidis. Mission Vandemataram President , Jitendra Tiwari told Yezidi Post, that Hindus always believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam -“The Whole World is One Family”. His organization had worked with the community during the last visit of the Yezidi delegation to India and promised to keep working with the community in the future as well.
Contact Info:
For HEART – Call 9868810348 (Dr. Shilpi Tiwari – Spokesperson HEART in India). Email: drshilpitiwari@rediffmail.com

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