The Yezidi identity lies in the Yezidi flag. Never give it up. Defend it as United Yezidis – Haider Shesho

General Haider Shesho , the supreme commander of the Ezdixan forces, today appealed to Yezidis worldwide to plant the Yezidi flag in their heart which represents the 7000+ year old ancient Yezidi civilization. He told the Yezidis that they may be part of any forces, but should never compromise with the Yezidi flag. The identity of the ancient Yezidi civilization and all that it stands for lies in the Yezidi flag. Translating the essence of what he said today – My Yezidi sisters and brothers, kiss your flag, respect it and plant it in your hearts and of your children forever , wherever you are in the world. Never let it fall down in whatever you do.

Last year during a meeting at Lincon , Nebraska , USA , General Haider Shesho had appealed to Yezidis to encourage their daughters to be part of the forces. He appealed for more Yezidi women leaders to take charge and lead the community. Yezidis have a proud history of gender equality and at  a time when  the middle east was changing , it was the Yezidis who have to lead the regions of Iraq , Syria and Turkey into a more gender equal society. The war by ISIS and similar ideologies is a war on women and if that had to change , the women must stand up and fight shoulder to shoulder with men.

General Haider Shesho has already started building up an Army of Yezidis under the Yezidi flag. Women will have an equal representation as men in that army. His Yezidi army, HPE will protect all minority communities in the region against demonic forces.


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