Yezidis in Armenia celebrate May 1st as Yezidi Unity Day

Yezidi National Union founder Azize Tamoyan  leads the Yezidi Unity Day celebrations recognizing Yezidis as a nationality – By Khdr Tamoyan

Today, 01.05.2016, in Armenia, in Zovuni village of Kotayq province was celebrated the Day of Unity of Yezidi people. Those who participated included the Yezidi National Union Mr. Azize Amar Tamoyan, The head of the department of educational and cultural affairs in Regional Office of Armavir province Mrs. Gayane Sayadyan, The chief editor of Yezidi programs of Public Radio Mr. Hasane Shekh Mamude, Expert of Human Rights in National Assembly of Republic of Armenia Mr. Siaband Bakoyan,the Chairman of the Shams humanitarian NGO Mr. Rustam Bakoyan etc.

Note that in 2002, on May 1, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and the Department of the Council of Europe on affairs National Minorities, at the request of the Yezidi community of Armenia, headed by Aziz Tamoyan have recognized ethnicity of Yezidis, that is have recognized Yezidis as nationality, and their language as Ezdiki. And related to this, the National Union of Yezidis in 2013 decided each year 1st of May to celebrate a day of unity of Yezidis.

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