Jewish Shindler Steve Maman receives fresh public threats from the Kurdish Government for helping Yezidis

Forces who want Yezidis to loose all their savings and be vulnerable to conversions, now seems to be resorting to Anti-Semitism and Hinduphobia.

The Jewish Schindler who raised almost a million dollars to save the Yezidis and who is running camp Petra in Greece with a few thousand Yezidis who are trying to flee the war zone is being criticized,in a very typical case of anti-Semitism,  in a organized way over the social media for a while now. The attack of his detractors is directed at the fact that he is concentrating his efforts more to help the Yezidis who are desperately trying to escape Iraq in what can be called their flight to freedom to escape religious persecutions by ISIS and the Kurdistan Regional Government. A few months back hundreds of Yezidis were dying regularly during their flight to freedom from Iraq to Europe.  CYCI, headed by Steve Maman, which had previously helped to save 140 Yezidi girls from ISIS custody,and the only such group which had managed to do so in Iraq without making the Yezidis, who have lost everything under ISIS, loose their shoes, immediately jumped in. While different groups kept charging hefty money from the Yezidis to free their loved ones, mother, wife and daughters from ISIS, CYCI with the help of donors worldwide instead helped them to free their loved ones without asking for any money. This however did not go down well with the kidnapping lobby working within Kurdistan. This kidnapping lobby allegedly has members of KRG and Yezidi agents like Khairi Bozani and others. Steve Maman who is bringing real help to the poor ,persecuted Yezidis has thus become their target.

Recently 20 Yezidi women whom Steve Maman’s CYCI helped to save by paying agents who helped them escape were denied entry into Kurdistan by the same group once they arrived at the Kurdistan border. After undergoing extreme ordeal, of being raped daily under ISIS, their only hope was that once they make their way out of ISIS territory fellow Yezidis will save them. But  Yezidi agents of the Islamists had other designs. In what looks like a blatant case of Anti-Semitism, these agents were perhaps specifically instructed by the Kurdistan authorities to stop CYCI, led by a Jew from helping the Yezidis. Thus out of greed and threats, Yezidis led by Khairi Bozani denied entry to the 20 Yezidi women. Steve Maman pleaded for days with Khairi Bozani and other KRG officials, but none of them listened. These women were thus lost to ISIS forever. Being stopped in his efforts to help the Yezidis in Iraq, by the Kurdistan Government and their Yezidi agents, under request of activists worldwide, Steve Maman turned his attention to help the Yezidis in a neutral, non-Islamist territory. Many Yezidis were travelling via Turkey and Greece to head to Germany, escaping persecution. He fHe provided relief materials, clothes, blankets and paid for the tickets of the Yezidis. Yezidis during their both journey,in plastic boats, were getting stuck in uninhabited Greek islands. Steve’s team, took enormous life risks, lobbied with  rescued them and helped them to continue in their journey.

Even after these efforts , it was realized that many Yezidis who were stuck in different camps , due to being unorganized were being subjected to atrocities while living within the camps. They were put up with ISIS members and Islamic fundamentalists who were following them all the way from Iraq , in the guise of Syrian refugees. Yezidi families were often finding their daughters to be subjected to molestation and were constantly living in the fear of being raped even in Greece. The worst situation was in the Idomeni camp. Steve immediately sprung into action. He lobbied with the Greek government, and convinced that Yezidis are a separate ethno-religious group who are being persecuted by the Muslim fundamentalists. The Greek government opened up a separate camp, just to accommodate the Yezidis. That camp is Petra. Pictures coming out of camp Petra show Yezidis in all smiles and merry. Moms allowing their daughters to play freely without fear of being raped.

This however did not stop Steve’s dis-tractors many of whom are Yezidis supporting the Kurdistan government funded organizations from criticizing him. He received the following posts

Extremely frustrated and  disappointed even after helping with all his heart, Steve decided to bare it all

The following details he furnished

Steve Maman CYCI status :

Another self proclaimed Yazidis leader group questions our actions today. They claim to be the representatives like many others. To simplify the questions and answers, here is a summary.

The answers to all your questions or doubts about CYCI mission or Steve Maman.

Many questions arose from Detractors today and I decided to concentrate all answers in one post.

How much has CYCI raised : 875 000 cad

How much funds does CYCI hold : 150 000cad

How many people got paid or took a salary from CYCI as full time employment? None. Expenses covered. No salaries paid for Ceo or CFO or any secretary.

How many liberations did CYCI achieve : 140 between April 2015 and November 2015

How many refugees assisted off the Lesvos island Greece headed to Germany , financed through the Yazidis exodus mission? 2310

How many Yazidis assisted so far in Petra camp? Over 1000. Including other camps.

How many Yazidis and christians were assisted and continue to receive assistance from CYCI in Iraq / Kurdistan from April 2015 – may-2016?
Over 20000 people assisted in camps and cities ( seje. Sherifa. Dawediya. Dohuk. Khanke. And few other camps). with the following :

– 2500 winter jackets
– 1500 pairs of winter boots.
– 2500 quality gifts and soccer balls distribution on Christmas Eve to Yazidis christians in dawediya.
-1000 pairs of socks
– flour. Oil. For 7000 people.
– kerosene heaters for 3000-4000 people.
– kerosene tanks filled. 100 liters per family. Thousands of liters distributions.
– medical assistance and operations at CYCI expense.
-winter hats
-money envelopes to hundreds.

To those that wish to know where the funds were spent. Here you have the details.
All events were filmed and shown in the media.
Proof lies in front of your eyes with over 100 videos of our actions and certain liberations.

Any question about the identity of the liberated woman can only be shared with general Haidar Shesho. No other authority will receive an answer from CYCI.
No parents or freed women would accept we share their identity In public or with any self proclaimed group.

The general Haidar Shesho has testified in the UK Parliament house of Commons about the CYCI mission and liberations kn details. He is well aware of all our actions.

The reason we will not engage in liberations in Kurdistan is because of Khairi Bozani from the office of the KRG Govt, Yazidi office of Dohuk.

He has blocked our last efforts of 20 girls we were bringing back to Dohuk and stopped us at the border. He is responsible for their deaths if any was taken back by ISIS.

After reading both articles you will understand that CYCI has no more place to manoeuvre in order to free Yazidis from captivity.

The extortion and corruption are becoming all too dangerous. The loss of money we have caused to the corrupted people mentioned in those articles amount to very important amounts.

The residual of the funds 150 000$ are the property of CYCI to decide where and how to spend them. We will entertain the Yazidis in Petra camp.

We have 100 000$ in pledges that we haven’t decided whether to take or not. Again it will be our decision.

The 150000 $ available is for Christians and Yazidis.
We have been overly generous on spending the majority on Yazidis from the complete amount raised.

We are preparing in conjunction with General Haidar Shesho a sizable distribution to Sinjar soon. Everything is already purchased and we are arranging logistics with the general.

We will continue to help Petra and the Yazidis of Katsika camp with the funds.

Our next CYCI effort will be a political push for Yazidis refugees in Greece. We are working with 13 countries to which we will present a demand.

I invite you to read both articles below.
You will understand the issues as stake.
As well an important letter from Dr Mirza Dinnayi in a correction of an earlier erroneous statement. The statement clearly explains the activities of CYCI.…/20-yazidi-girls-lost-in-is……/Dreckige-Geschaefte-mit-der-Befreiung-vo/

Statement of the Dr Mirza Dinnayi :

Statement about CYCI and Mr Steve Maman

Since several months, after we wrote letter to Mr. Steve Maman on August 25, 2015 , about his Organisation CYCI , i made follow up for all things his People did in the last few months, without to come back to the letter and demands that has been published in Vice News.
I found really that they did good job, helping some victims in Iraq. They were engaged In liberation of some Yazidi women and children from the IS captivity. Their team made distributions of humanitarian assistance to Yazidis in Kurdistan, and also ssist refugees in Lesvos to leave Island.

I had opportunity to know some of the nice People, who are working with CYCI in Iraq and Germany, like Dilan Bezek, Sufiyan Alhamo, Barjas and some others.
They are working hard and i recongize their act. Dilan Bezek and some their People, also Steve himself, went to Greece to help refugees.
I suggested to them to register the Organisation in Iraq or Kurdistan, to work without barrier and legally, and we will advice them to find the correct way for registration, without any costs or political problems. They should only follow the NGO law and transparency.
At the same time, we had to give Steve Maman a new chance, and accept his engagement.
I myself will be happy, to discuss with all other Yezidi activists and Leaders, who signed the letter, about this issue maybe to host Mr Maman in kurdistan and discuss everything with him, to solve all unclear points.
We have to Support all Friends, who want
to help, to make the way easier for those who come to help and rescue our people living a genocide.

Mirza dinnayi

Despite furnishing details, photos and videos from time to time the Steve’s dis-tractors due to greed and surrender to the Islamist fear under KRG are unlikely to accept reason. Similar projects by Hindu groups have also been subjected to similar social media hate campaigns. A project by Yezidis International in co-ordination with Sewa International were questioned , even though the funds collected from Hindu and Jewish donors were public and the needy students were determined by neutral Yezidi organizations.

Hinduphobia and Anti-Semitism seems to be the order of the day. Something that seems to be strong opposed and rooted out to save all ancient people including the Yezidis.

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