YSDS embarks on dual objectives – creating health centre with RINJ and documenting atrocities against Yezidis

“Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society (YSDS) needs volunteers who are ready to serve in Shingal as health workers urgently”

Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society (YSDS) which has partnered with RINJ in order to bring long term relief to the Yezidis in Mount Shingal has created an effective plan to start a health centre. The project has started moving from the drawing board.

Apart from the health care project YSDS is also documenting the atrocities committed against the Yezidis. The history of the Yezidis should not be stolen and all those who have committed atrocities against the Yezidis, be the killings of Yezidi men or the rape of Yezidi women will not be forgotten. Those who have committed these acts will be tried in international courts for war crimes as and when the global situation becomes conducive. The United Nations has already declared the crimes committed against the Yezidis as genocide.

For details contact Nallein Al Sowilo

Email: nallein77@yahoo.com

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