Truth Revealed: How Kurdish Peshmerga forces joined ISIS in genocide against the Yezidis

With days left for the 3rd Yezidi genocide anniversary, new truths are coming out. The yearning for Ezdixan is growing louder among Yezidis as naked truths are coming out about the unholy nexus between ISIS, Kurdish Government and foreign powers who orchestrated the genocide against the Yezidis.

Twenty days before Singhal was attacked on August 3rd 2014 all Kurdish forces living in Singhal were instructed to report to the PDK party headquarters in Singhal and Erbil. They were given orders to confiscate all weapons from Yezidis in Singhal. To fulfill that purpose check points were set up and raids were carried out. Peshmergas were given instructions to stand down on August 3rd 2014 before the ISIS attacks. Same operation was carried out by Peshmerga forces against Yezidis in Mosul on June 9th 2014.

After the attacks PKK called up Yezidis of military age to sign up for policing border control and were told that they were now part of Peshmergas and were promised gun and pay check. Yezidi were given light arms, none of high power weapon that American and international community gave to Kurdish and Baghdad governments. Yezidis suddenly found themselves to be fighting for Kurdish Islamic state that we don’t want be part of and belong to. But what can we as Yezidis do. If if we don’t fight we die. Yezidis have thus becomes slaves at the hands of the Kurdish Islamists and need help to get out of it. .
When Haider Shesho commander of shingle forces were asked the same question they both conjectured that there was international conspiracy with ISIS. Sunni Arab commander of Al Qaeda of Iraq by the name of Ali Khuder have been living inside Singhal since 2007 under protection of Barzani and PDK. Ali Khuder who belongs to the tribe of Metewati and disappeared during surge in 2007.Three days from Isis attack on August 3rd 2014, Ali Khuder invited top Kurdish leaders from Barzani Cabinet and PKK. ISIS and Peshmerga officials were present for the meeting.They raised black ISIS flag in Singhal three days before ISIS officially entered there. When some Peshmergas officials were asked who ordered Peshmerga forces to withdraw from Shingal before ISIS attack the answer came as shock. He said that foreign nations told Kurdish government to order Peshmergas to stand down .Peshmerga forces then blocked residents of Shingal from escaping on road from Shingal city into mountain. Peshmegs forces found all the time to escape.
Who these foreigns powers are who collaborated with the Kurdish government to wipe out the dreams of half a million Yezidis and try to wipe out this ancient 7000+ year old civilization forever. Yezidis are looking for answers and they want it now.

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