Yezidi Sanatana Dharma Society (YSDS) and RINJ work together to operationalise clinic in Iraq for Yezidis

YSDS have been working with RINJ organization to provide health care for Yezidis in Shingal and mobile health care for Yezidis residing in the camps. YSDS plans to expand this service into the dohuk area camps starting with Sharya. In future a brick and mortar mini hospital in Dohuk is also being planned.

Once Mosul is liberated a brick and mortar mega health clinic in Mosul can come up as well. Rinj workers are however being harassed and assaulted on ground in Iraq while trying to help the Yezidis by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters at different check points. The RINJ team moving medical supplies to Shingal was turned back by Peshmerga fighters at a check point west of Duhok recently. The cargo carried 4500 pounds of food supplies for Yezidis in Shingal.

YSDS however is committed to help the Yezidis in the darkest hour of their civilizational history. It is calling upon all nations and people with a conscience and heart to help in this regard.

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