Shocking images emerging of Kurdish neglect, discrimination and genocide on Yezidis

“Yezidi children and patients being denied treatment in the camps by Kurdish authorities”

Kurdish  authorities are denying Yezidi children life saving treatment as part of their ongoing genocide against the Yezidis.  These children in refugees camps in Shingal and Dohuk are being deprived by Kurdish authority of basic medical services based on the fact that Yezidis are not Muslims or Kurdish.

The case of 31 month old Yezidi child in Shingal was reported to Yezidi Post by contacts from Rinj who are working with YSDS on ground in Iraq. This child needs liver transplant immediately. She is being denied basic life saving medical care by Dohuk hospital just based on her being a Yezidi. Rinj clinic set up with the collaboration with YSDS is only able to provide on basic treatment and is thus not equipped to handle her case.

She is only one of the many Yezidi children living in refugee camps. From each of these camps many are complaining that Kurdish authorities are refusing to handle their medical case just based on the religion. It is worth noting that just after the ISIS attack many Yezidis tried to get medical help from hospitals being run by Kurdish authorities but were turned away. Nothing much has changed since then as a barbaric genocide against the 7000 year old, ancient, peaceful Yezidi people continues.

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