Yezidi leader shows deep courage in his speech before the Canadian House of Commons – Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

Mirza Ismail spoke out for Yezidis , Hindus and all non-Muslim persecuted people worldwide.
Mirza Ismail who is also the Chairman of Yezidis Human Rights Organization – International delivered this speech while he appeared before the Canadian House of Commons – Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. The Committee tried to explore how to implement Immigration measures for the protection of vulnerable groups. By sparing no words with regards to the perpetrators of the genocide, on what basis it was carried out , historicity of similar genocides and the global context of ongoing persecution of non-Muslims worldwide by Islamic fundamentalists, he displayed rare courage and conviction.
The following is his speech.

The Situation of the Yezidi Refugees in Turkey, Syria and Greece and IDPs in Iraq :  Endangered

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Honourable Chairman Borys Wrzesnewskyj, committee members, I am honoured to be here.  Thank you for this opportunity to speak at this CIMM meeting on “The Situations of the Yezidi Refugees in Turkey, Syria and Greece and IDPs in Northern Iraq,” I also want to thank our respected Canadian Government for declaring the “Yezidi Genocide” by ISIS.  The Yezidis are indeed the victims of genocide.

We Yezidis are an ancient and proud people from the heart of Mesopotamia, the birth place of civilization and the birth place of many of the world’s religions. We believe in a Supreme God and in God’s Seven Archangels; Yezidi is a Religion, Language and Culture.

We Yezidis are desperate for your immediate help and support.  During our six thousand year history, Yezidis have faced 74 genocides in the Middle East, including the ongoing genocide.  Why? Simply because we are not Muslims! And here we are today, in 2016, on the verge of annihilation. In response to our suffering, around the world there is profound, obscene silence.  We Yezidis are considered “Infidels” by the Sharia Law of Islam, what they call it “People without book.”  So, they are encouraged to kill, rape, enslave, and convert us.

On June 23, 2016, in the Skaramangas refugee camp near Athens, Arabs, Kurds and Afghans carrying the ISIS flag called on Jihad to kill the Yezidis in the camp. These Muslim jihadists attacked the Yezidi refugees with knives, metal bars, wood sticks and stones.  The 18 injured Yezidi men were taken to the hospital for medical treatment; they also ravaged their tents and belongings. The attack started at 9:30 pm and ended at 3:00 am, June 24.  But this is not the first attack against the Yezidi refugees in Greece.  These Jihadi attacks and targeting the Yezidi refugees happened many times in different camps in Greece. There were approximately 750 Yezidi refugees in Skaramangas camp and there are about 3363 Yezidi refugees in Greece. This is happening in Greece despite the fact that it is not a Muslim country.  Similar anti Yezidi violence is occurring in refugee camps in Turkey and Syria.  Most of the staff of UNHCR in Turkey and Syria are Muslims and blatantly discriminate against Yezidis, who do not dare to protest their ill treatment or demand their rights. They are given four to five years for UN interviews..

There are thousands of Yezidi refugees currently languishing in Turkey, Syria and Greece.

At the top of the threatened and persecuted list are the Yezidis, and then come the Chaldo-Assyrian Christians and Mandeans.  More than five thousand Yazidis were murdered by ISIS in August of 2014 and more than 3,000 are still enslaved, mostly young women and children.

Humanitarian aid, while necessary, is not sufficient. Much humanitarian aid distributed by the Kurdish Regional authorities and the Iraqi government never gets into the hands of those who need it, those for whom it was intended — due to skimming, corruption, and politics.

If humanitarianism is the chief reason being cited in accepting refugees, the Yezidis should receive priority simply because they are the most vulnerable and persecuted in the Middle East and they are the ones who have nowhere else to go.

There are thousands of young Yezidi women, girls and even children, who as I speak, have been enslaved and forced into sexual slavery.  These girls are subjected to daily, multiple rapes by ISIS monsters.  According to many escaped women and girls whom I met with in Northern Iraq, the abducted Yezidis, mostly young women and children, number over 7,000.  Some of those women and girls have had to watch 7, 8 and 9 year old children bleed to death before their eyes, after being raped by ISIS militia multiple times a day.

I met mothers, whose children were torn from them by ISIS.  These same mothers came to plead for the return of their children, only to be informed, that they – the mothers! – had been fed the flesh of their own children by ISIS.  Children murdered, then fed to their own mothers!  ISIS militia have burned many Yezidi girls alive for refusing to convert and marry ISIS men.  Young Yezidi boys are being trained to be jihadists and suicide bombers.  The entire Yezidi population of Mount Sinjar was displaced in less than one day on August 03, 2014!

On August 02, 2014, on the eve of ISIS’ attack against the Yezidis in Sinjar region, more than 10,000 of the local authority’s forces were present, allegedly there to protect the Yezidis.  The Yezidis tried desperately to flee for their lives to Mount Sinjar, but the KRG militias didn’t allow it. At about 10 pm, they escaped back to the KRG region and they refused to give any weapons to Yezidis to defend themselves against ISIS.  They trapped the women and children. For them it became a waiting room for death and carnage at the hands of ISIS.  The Yezidis who begged and pleaded for weapons to save themselves and their People were killed like dogs by peshmergas. Thousands of men were killed on the spot, including the beheading of hundreds.  The UN estimates 5000 Yezidis were murdered and thousands of women and children taken hostage.

I am pleading with each and every one of you in the name of humanity, to lend us your support at this crucial time to save the indigenous and peaceful peoples of the Middle East –Yezidis, Chaldo-Assyrian Christians and Mandeans.

Our urgent demands from the Canadian Government:

  1. We ask Canada to bring as many Yezidi refugees from Turkey, Syria and Greece as possible, because they are the most vulnerable group and their lives are in danger. If they (Yezidis) can be attacked in Greece, how about the Yezidi refugees in Turkey and Syria, which are Muslim countries.
  1. We also ask Canada to bring the abducted Yezidis, who were able to escape from ISIS.  Canada can bring those escaped Yezidi girls from Iraq under  “Section 25 of immigration law”
  1. We ask the Canadian government to be a leading hand in rescuing the more than 3,000 Yezidis, who are still being held in captivity by ISIS in Iraq and Syria and monitor the ISIS borders, so ISIS doesn’t “transport them” to different countries.
  1. Humanitarian aid must be sent immediately and directly to those internally displaced Yezidis in Mount Sinjar/Shingal North-Western Iraq; the KRG has put food sanctions on Yezidis there. There is an imminent threat of starvation, dehydration and disease.
  1. We ask our Canadian Government to intervene with the Iraqi Government and support the creation of an “Autonomous Region” for the Yezidis, Chaldo-Assyrians in the Sinjar region and Nineveh Plain under the protection of international forces and directly tied to Baghdad’s Central government. This right is guaranteed under the Iraqi constitution, article 125, but it needs implementation! This is the only way we can survive in our Homeland in the Middle East!

Thank you for listening, and for your very careful consideration going forward.  We beseech you to act with the greatest urgency to help save the remnants of our Yezidi nation, of the Chaldo-Assyrians, and other minorities.  Only with your help, after we have experienced so much death, and suffering, is there a possibility of a peaceful life going forward for our People.

Best regards,

Mirza Ismail


Yezidi Human Rights Organization International


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