ISIS and their Kurdish, Arab sympathizers work together before coalition airstrikes hit Mosul

As reported by RINJ who is working with Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society (YSDS) on ground in Mosul, the first US air strike in central Mosul last night killed ten ISIS militiamen and as reported by Iraqi TV 40 civilians. However RINJ reports that the civilian toll is much higher.The airstrike happened while the meeting was under way on behalf of YSDS in Mosul with the Kurdish government to open more refugees camps for Yezidis.
The air strikes targeted associates from local communities who supported ISIS. These people run errands,  prepare food and play significant role in local ISIS businesses. They also handle money coming out of sex trade, crimes and  drug and weapons trade. The local communities supporting  ISIS include those who are working for the Peshmerga forces, PKK, Kurdish regional government and Sunni tribes.
The Peshmergas were well aware of the bombings beforehand. Before bombing RINJ reports that Peshnerga,  PKK, Kurdish and Sunni Arab tribes meet ISIS in Mosul to conduct last minute business involving massive amount of human trafficking of Yezidi women. They also conducted arms sale that was given to Kurdish government to fight ISIS and was sold to ISIS later on.
Mass hanging and beheading of captives was carried out by ISIS, Peshmerga forces and Arab Sunni tribes before the bombing. The bombings are a good start. However it is futile if the coalition does not stop funding of Peshmerga and Kurdish Sunni regional government.  ISIS will continue to spread with the backing sympathizers who are well entrenched within Peshmerga , PKK and the Sunni Arab community.

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