On the 2nd Remembrance day of the 74th Yezidi genocide – YSDS vows to help the helpless

As we approach the second remembrance day of the 74th Yezidi genocide by ISIS, we realize with great pain there has been no international response to the plight of the Yezidi refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs). Not a single nation has pledged to accommodate the refugees who are struggling to survive in different camps across the globe. While some are in camp Petra in Greece while others are in different camps in Iraq , Syria and Turkey.

Yezidi Santan Dharma Society (YSDS) is commited to help the suffering Yezidis with medical services in Shingal,  Dohuk and Mosul along with RINJ. Along with registering cases of sexual violence against the Yezidi women it plans to take to UN all those who are responsible. In June YSDS and RINJ started operating on ground in Shingal with the help of officials in Dohuk and Mosul to expand relief and medical services. On July 21st  YSDS representives from RINJ meet Kurdish officials to sign documents for starting a clinic in Dohuk and Mosul. Both sides have agreed to the plan. The short term goal is to expand health care services into Dohuk  camps. New supplies will start to ship in August and planning is on to established a second clinic east of Dohuk. Establishment of a mini clinic in Mosul is also on the cards.

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