YSDS delegates at the Democratic National Convention represent the Yezidi cause

The delegates presented the Yezidi cause to many at the Democratic National Convention. The talked about the lack of concern for Yezidi human rights, rights of the LGBT community and other minorities like the Zoroastrians under ISIS. They also lamented the fact that the international community has turned a blind eye while 7000 Yezidi women were turned into sex slaves , 10,000 Yezidi men were killed and half a million or more Yezidis were uprooted and were made internally displaced by the Kurdish regime. YSDS is a Yezidi human rights organization founded by Nallein Sowilo .YSDS was represented by Nico Serra who is delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders.

Yezidis are deeply concerned that after two years of the 74th genocide by ISIS, Yezidi human rights are still being violated in Iraq and international community has not taken notice YSDS made pleas to Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party to heed to the plight of the Yezidis in Iraq. “Our stuggle for the Yezidi people and the Yezidi cause will continue till Yezidis feel safe” said YSDS founder Nallein Sowilo. This event is extremely historic as for the first time the Yezidi cause got representation at the Democratic National Convention. YSDS sent letter detailing the Yezidiplight and desired to work together with Burnie Sanders and the Domocratic Party to help the Yezidi cause.


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