YSDS to assist RINJ with fundraising effort to help Yezidis with basic healthcare in Iraq

YSDS is helping raise funds for Iraqi Yezidi communities of Shingal, Dohuk and Mosul on behalf of RINJ for the Yezidis. YSDS has requested RINJ to build clinics and provide food and counseling to Yezidis in Shingal, Dohuk and Mosul regions. RINJ approved request from YSDS for medical services. RINJ have set aside 3 million USD worth of projects to further this mission and help the Yezidis. A GoFund me has been set up to connect donors with these projects. The plan is to provide heath care services to Yezidi survivors in Iraq as outlined below.

YSDS RINJ team is now in the city of Shingal and are slowly setting up heath care camps for helping Shingal region with diagnostics facilities and mini camps. Significant accomplishments have been made in that direction.With the help of RINJ plans are on to establish a second brick and morter hospital. Also in the works is to establish a number of clinics in the Mosul region.

All funds collected will go to Yezidi refugees only in Shingal, Dohuk and Mosul. Even $5 donation can make difference. Please donate to http://www.gofundme.com/rsac-iraq

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