Yezidi representative at the Democratic Party Caucus make common cause with the struggles of the LGBT community in Iraq

Nico Serra who is the Oregon State Delegate for the Democratic Party and and YSDS representative spoke on behalf of YSDS at the Democratic Party Caucus. His speech focused on Yezidi and LGBT rights in Iraq, human rights violation by Kurdish and Baghdad government, terrorism and the need for a Yezidi nation to protect the Yezidi people.

“Both the Yezidis and the LGBT community in Iraq have become victims of terrorism at the hands of Islamic extremists. I am honored for this opportunity to have YSDS and the Yezidis be represented at the democratic caucus. While LGBT community members are being thrown from rooftops in Iraq, the Yezidi community are being treated pretty much the same way. Thus the LGBT community and the Yezidis share the same fate and thus need to fight together this savagery and barbarism”, YSDS founder Nallein Sowilo commented. “People in America must understand what Yezidis and the LGBT community face daily in Iraq .We face threat of murder, imprisonment and rape daily in Iraq. This has to stop somewhere. We as humans seek respect and justice. As Yezidis we are proud to stand with the LGBT community and share their struggles “, she further added.

Yezidis are a 7000+ yr old, non-Islamic faith which respects all human rights including those from the LGBT community. YSDS look forward to working with the LGBT community and the Democratic party to bring legal and social equality for Yezidis, LGBT community, womens’ rights and the rights of other minorities in Iraq.

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