RINJ accepts YSDS proposals. Allocates three million USD budget for healthcare facilities to the Yezidis

RINJ approved $3 million for health care projects for the Yezidis in Iraq. YSDS had requested RINJ to provide healthcare for Yezidis in Shingal, Dohuk and Mosul. Last month RINJ has approved the YSDS proposals.

The funds which has been earmarked for starting mobile heath care clinic, diagnostic facilities in Shingal and Dohuk will be used to expanded into Mosul after liberation from Isis and will include brick and mortar clinics in Mosul as well.

So far 4500 pounds of food also has been delivered to Mosul. The YSDS-RINJ  team on ground in Shingal and Dohuk are helping with food, starting the process of building mobile heath clinics.

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