Aid for Yezidis never reach the needy, while President Barzani allegedly has made billions

Barzani, the ruler of the Kurdistan Regional Authority received billions from the international community in the pretext of fighting ISIS. This was since the start of American war against Isis in Iraq. But today the Yezidi leadership worldwide suspects, that $11 billion from the money given to him by the international community has become his personal property and few members of his close circle.

Also United states and international community earmarked nearly 60 million dollars to fight Isis for reconstruction projects for Shingal , Mosul , rebuilding Kurdish water and electricity systems, providing food and heath care for those who were forced from their homes in fighting and for retraining Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. Large parts of those funds never made its way to the intended end receivers. Particularly , not a dime reached the Yezidis in Shingal.

A widespread ring of fraud by Barzani has resulted in tens of billions of dollars in kick back to fund the lavish life of Barzani and his inner circle. Funding of Barzani’s secret police that has been responsible for numerous human right violations including rape and murder of government opposition have come from those funds, experts believe.

A lawmaker in the Kurdish Regional Authority in Erbil reports that 20 billion USD was illegally taken out of the country since 2014, authorised by the Kurdistan Democratic Party leader and President of the Kurdish government.
Some time back it was reported that 6 billion USD was found in the basement of a Kurdish businessman in Lebanon and Iraq government has been trying to bring back these funds.

14 billion USD was found to have been sent to banks around the world and to Kurdish organization around the world. Their final destination is reportedly members of the Barzani family. All these have been alleged to be authorized by President Barzani himself and is being headed by KRG parliament member Omar Soran who is heads many of the Kurdish smuggling scams.

Under these circumstances , the Yezidis leadership worldwide is requesting the international community to set up a mechanism for future fund distributions which includes the Yezidi leadership too globally and also ensure that funds are adequately used to make the lives of those suffering under ISIS better.

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