YSDS convinces RINJ to allocate 20 million USD heafty budget to create healthcare infrastructure for Yezidis and help in training

YSDS has has done a contract for four years with RINJ who will provide medical care and first responder training facilities to Yezidis in Shingal ,Dohuk and Mosul. RINJ will be providing Yezidis elaborate health care facilities initially in order to keep these people alive.

“Our goal is to get our brothers and sisters back on their feet. Next, we teach and we build the skeleton of a new health care system. We teach and we encourage local talent to get their education, to become certified and to take over the system we build together. We walk away after about four years and leave the system in the hands of the local people and come back when we are invited and in the meanwhile offering more teaching to Yezidi to help them become first responders” said Michael from RINJ.
“If we have to stay longer it will be because we have not got enough locals to take over but by that time there will be hundreds in place through first responders training program.”

Ysds’s contract with RINJ also calls for help with the rebuilding of Shingal and Mosul. RINJ earmarked funds for reconstruction project that YSDS has proposed which calls for rebuilding of infrastructure.There is much work to do but we know what and how to get it done.

At end of four years YSDS and RINJ expects to have thousands of trained Yezidi first responders to take over the operations of medical clinics and camps that RINJ plans to set up. The training requires a university degree or college diploma plus the specialized training RINJ will provide for various certifications.

The budget for these proposed project is eximated to be around 20 million USD which RINJ earmarked for YSDS proposals for the next four years.

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