Yezidis point to Pakistan’s involvement with ISIS in their genocide – seek help from India and the international community

On February 26th, 2015, ten members of a group of ISIS terrorists captured a village in northern Iraq in the Nazyan district of Nangarhar. Upon informal investigation they claimed that they were financed and equipped by Pakistani military and were trained in Pakistan and were sent to fight in Syria and Iraq.

They claimed that Pakistani military has been providing light and heavy weapons to ISIS fighters and financial support as well. Also they were being provided with chemical weapons such as mustard gas to be used on the Yezidis. Arsbistan Zaltoon a former ISIS fighter disclosed.

He said I was first tasked to fight in Nazyan before being sent to Syria in 2014-2016. We used to get orders and give our reports to Kurdish Workers’ Party and the Pakistani embassy where Pakistani secret services, ISI kept officers posted there.

He also revealed that the Kurdish government and ISIS are both being supported by Pakistan’s Bhutto family mainly Bilawal Bhutto, head of Pakistan People’s Party and Asifal who is of Kurdish origin. The operative disclosed that Bilawal ┬ábelieves that his mother, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is of Kurdish origin and his ancestors had played a major role to organize genocide against the Hindus and the Yezidis in history and he is fulfilling the unfinished agenda of his ancestors. The operative said that Bilawal also says with pride how his mother had threw out the Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir once and for all. It seems that in 2003, Benazir had revealed publicly that she is of Kurdish origin on her mother side and she fully supports the Islamic Kurdish State.

Bilawal’s party is presently not in power presently. However according to the operative they are closely working with Pakistan’s Secret Service Agency ISI to fulfill the greater dream of an Islamic Kurdish Nation State. Though the Bhuttos are Shia Muslims, but have joined hands with the Sunni Kurds in their genocide against the Yezidis. Islam has blurred the lines in their blood thirst for the infidels.

To counter ISIS and Pakistan’s involvement, Yezidis led by YSDS plans to sue Pakistan and the nations promoting ISIS, including some from the Arab countries and is appealing for help from India and the international community to support this endeavor and help the community survive.

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