YSDS – RINJ Nurses Without Borders to set up healthcare clinic in Shingal for Yezidis

YSDS has teamed up with Rinj Nurses Without Border. Rinj’s Nurses Without Borders will be providing health care professionals including nurses and healthcare facilities to the Yezidis. YSDS contacted Rinj’s sister organization Nurses Without Border who provides patient service delivery outlets in hostile environment (like war zones and refugees camps). The health care services provided is designed for a specifics ethic regions. The clinic to be set up will provide community health care services plus some specialized advance health care treating sexual assaults counseling, of Yezidi women raped by ISIS and pregnancy tests.

YSDS Rinj Clinics in Mosul and medical services in Yezidi refugee camps in Mousul and Dohuk are already staffed with nurses. The team of nurses from Rinj – Nurses without borders who have been contacted by YSDS has promised to set up medical clinic in Shingal as well.


Nurses Without Borders

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