Yezidis fear 75th genocide coming under Kurdistan Government – appeals to the international community for urgent help

The ruling party in Kurdistan Autonomous region in Iraq has enforced an economic blockade on the Yezidis in Mount Shingal with an intention to wipe off the Yezidis in Shingal. This coming after the 2014 Yezidi genocide when the ruling party in Kurdistan had joined hands with ISIS to carry out the 74th genocide. Yezidis worldwide thus urge the international community to immediately lift off the blockade and allow food and medical supplies to enter Shingal region.

Yezidis in Shingal through Yezidi Post has appealed to the international community for help. While the world is talking of a new nation of Kurdistan, Yezidis worldwide wants to remind the world that they are facing genocide in the hands of the same Kurdistan. Thus Yezidis in Shingal and the Nineveh province are determined that there can be no freedom for Kurdistan , till Yezidis get freedom themselves and Ezdixan is established. “Till one Yezidi is alive , we will resist any talk of Kurdish freedom. Till one Yezidi is alive we will avenge the slavery of our sisters. We have fought the Islamists for the last 1400 years and survived and we will fight for the next 1000 years if needed” – a Yezidi leader in Kurdistan said without revealing identity.

As reported in Yezidi Post before for months YSDS -RINJ has been trying to enter Shingal to provide food and medical supplies to the Yezidis but has been repeatedly barred from entering . In some cases Peshmerga forces on orders from President Barzani has confiscated food and medical supplies and has sexually harassed YSDS RINJ medical staff.

Nallein Sowilo, head of YSDS said the Kurdish authority has blocked YSDS RINJ at check points preventing us from being able to transfer medical supplies to Yezidi refugee camps where Yezidis in the the most critical conditions and suffering from lack of food and medical care are living, as a consequence of ISIS inflicted genocide. They are still suffering heavily under sanctions issued by the Kurdish Government

Experts have warned that the death toll in Shingal will rise if officials continue to impede delivery of food and medical supplies. President Barzani is using sanctions as way to continue the genocide against the Yezidis and has turned Shingal into a contraction camp.

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