Yezidis face starvation and genocide in Mount Shingal once again – appeal for urgent international intervention

Yezidis in Mount Shingal are facing starvation after the ruling party in Kurdistan,Iraq imposed sanctions on Yezidis. There are children in Shingal who are eating once every three days. It is estimated that at this rate three Yezidi children are dying every day because lack of food, hunger,starvation and lack of medical care because of the economic blockade imposed by the Kurdistan Government on the Yezidis in Mount Shingal.

The sanctions include blockade of food and medical care. Even health care volunteers are also being prevented from reaching Shingal. Medical equipments which have been provided by the international community was supposed be in Shingal but has not been able to reach because of the blockade. This includes YSDS-Rinj team on ground as well. Also Yezidis are being prevented from returning and leaving Shingal. They are being subjected to check points, are being strip searched and are being subjected to sexual assaults by KDP Kurdish militias who had killed Yezidi youths back in June.

Activists from non governmental organizations are also being prevented from traveling to Shingal It has been learnt from reliable sources that Masoud Barzani held secret meetings with Turkish President Erdogan and have agreed on a secret deal to send Turkish and Peshmerga forces to Shingal to wipe out the Yezidis and occupy Shingal for newly constructed oil pipeline that will run from Shingal to Turkey.

The aim of these sanctions is thus to turn Shingal into a concentration camp and bleed all opposition to Kurdish Government occupation that wishes to impose Sharia Law on Yezidis or starve Yezidis to death. The Kurdish Government is hell bent on wiping out the entire non-Islamic population in Iraq including the Yezidis. The Yezidis are appealing to the international community for urgent intervention to foil the nefarious designs of the inhuman Kurdish and Turkish Governments and save an ancient indigenous civilization from being wiped out.

Yezidis are almost on the verge of the 75th genocide,after undergoing the 74th one at the hands of ISIS and Peshmerga forces and is fervently appealing to the international community for help.

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