Why are Yezidis calling this man ‘Traitor Bozani’ ?

Khairi Bozani perhaps best illustrates what is wrong with the Yezidis today. The oldest civilization in the Middle East with a calendar of around 7000 years is today in shackles. The Kurdistan government who is holding the Yezidis as slaves is being helped by people who pose as those from within the Yezidi community. They have been put in charge of selling the Yezidis to the Kurds. The man in charge of the project is Khairi Bozani. An Yezidi by name but many believe he is a Muslim convert, who converted to Islam after being bought out by the Barzani government.

After the attack on Yezidis by ISIS, no country was ready to accommodate the Yezidis. But one Yezidi activist, Mirza Ismail made it his life’s calling and with extreme difficulty was able to convince the Canadian government to help him in bringing Yezidis to Canada. But today the Kurdish government is opposing that move and the person supporting them is Khairi Bozani. He is officially in charge of Yezidi Affairs to the Kurdistan government.

Bozani is also deeply anti-semitic. He reflects the typical anti-Jew agenda that is embedded among the Islamist Kurds led by Barzani. Some time back he stopped Jewish Schindler Steve Mamman from helping to save Yezidi women from ISIS. In the process three Yezidi women whom Steve managed to save after extreme difficulty simply disappeared after being denied entry into Kurdistan. They were lost into the ISIS territory forever with Khairi Bozani overseeing their death.

Thus to save the Yezidis from the grip of Kurdish slavery, to stop antisemitism from flourishing in Kurdistan, the international community must blacklist Bozani. Yezidis worldwide, nameless and faceless are pleading to the international community that they must freeze Khairi Bozani’s travels and assets immediately. This is the only way to save an ancient indigenous peaceful people from Islamist slavery and help save humanity.


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