YSDS-RINJ partnership to serve the Yezidis is now a year old

Exactly a year ago YSDS had contacted Rape Is No Joke (RINJ), a Canada based health care provider specializing in providing health care to conflict zones to construct hospitals in Shingal, Dohuk and Mosul and provide counseling and Std treatments to sexual assault victims. We also contacted them to open investigation into war crimes on Yezidis by ISIS to help file a case with the international criminal court. After a year of work we would like to announce this past week the progress we made in Iraq for the Yezidis.

YSDS-RINJ also brought in international criminal lawyer who specializes in war crimes. He will be working with YSDS-RINJ on criminal cases against ISIS war crimes against Yezidis and collect evidence for case at the international criminal court. We will also assemble a team on ground to arrest ISIS members and bring them to Neatherland to face trial at Hague. We are hoping to bring 22 rape cases on Yezidis in International Criminal Court by April 2017.

In the meanwhile the first YSDS-RINJ hospital is set to open in Mosul in December. We are already providing counseling for survivors and providing medication for sexually transmitted diseases.

Also YSDS through RINJ representatives in Canada is negotiating with the Canadian government to let Yezidis immigrate to Canada. The government has agreed to accept as many as 10 thousand Yezidis to Canada.



The author Nallein Al Sowilo is a founder member and Chairman of YSDS (Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society)

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