Kurdish forces impose blockade on Yezidi villages in Iraq

Aina-Kurdish security forces and Peshmergas imposed a blockade on Shingal and Yezidi areas of Mosul to prevent Yezidis from leaving and prevent aid for Shingal from reaching humanitarian organizations. The goal also is to prevent aid from the Iraqi federal Government and the legitimate aid from the Kurdish Government not being distributed to local Yezidis.
These include food, medical supplies and building supplies urgently required for rebuilding Shingal particularly with the harsh winter being around. The troops preventing these aid from reaching are affiliated with Iraqi Kurdistan Ruling party KNP under the leadership of president Barazni which close ties to ISIS.
The main reason why KNP placed blockade on Yezidi villages is because of President Barrzani’s Islamization campaign against Yezidis with an aim to wipe out the Yezidi civilization from Iraq

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