Yezidis ask help from Trump and Netanyahu to save lives in Shingal as Kurdish blockade continues amidst severe winter

Yezidis in Shingal say they are facing genocide once again by the Kurdish government.

9000 displaced Yezidis are suffering in Shingal’s brutal winter without food or medical care. Living in tents and without heat, electricity ,food and medical care. 50 centimeters of show has fallen on mountain Shingal . YSDS -RINJ team has been working on ground for the past seven months trying to negotiate a deal with the Kurdish government to bring food and medical care to Yezidis in Shingal.

“We have been turned away repeatedly at Shingal again and again at the checkpoint. The people who are obstructing are Kurdish security people who claim they are from Dohuk. Our letters from Dohuk are correspondence with the KRG Department of Health. In the past these people have assaulted and have robbed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs and medical equipment meant for the Yezidis which then they sold for their own profits. The medicines we have sent must reach the Shingal village immediately to avoid a catastrophe building up because of severe weather. The legal and medical people also must reach our unit in Shingal. We have cooperated with the KRG since July jumping through hoops. Now we urge the international community to take action as there is a continued crime of genocide being perpetrated by the KRG against the Yezidi people. The weather is severe, and we cannot leave the residents without food and medical supplies. We appeal to American President Elect Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Russian President Putin, British PM Theresa May and Indian Prime Minister Modi to urge President Barzani to lift the blockade imposed on the Yezidis in the middle of this severe cold weather. We also urge all international leaders to use their influence and immediately lift the blockade”, said a YSDS-RINJ representative.

Meanwhile many Yezidi leaders worldwide have expressed deep concern over a possible genocide hanging over the community if nothing is done soon. Many expatriate Yezidis serve faithfully in the US Army. With that goodwill they have urged President Elect Trump to intervene and save the Yezidis in Shingal. “The Yezidis are the greatest American Ally in Iraq-Syria region. We have the best interests of US at heart. Many of our brothers and sisters serve in the US Army. The US should not abandon us”, an Yezidi American leader said. Some Yezidis have even reached out to President Netanyahu of Israel. “On the ocassion of Hannukah , we urge Israel to intervene and save the Yezidis from a blockade of food and medicines being imposed on us in Mount Shingal by KRG President Barzani. Lives of many are at stake. We request for help”. While global outrage is pouring in, perhaps it is time for humanity to unite and say, enough with Yezidi genocide. May this cover-up of Kurdish genocide stop forever. May the world let Yezidis live in peace.


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