Jewish Schindler Steve Maman exposes the truth about the Yezidi Genocide by the Kurdistan Government

Jewish Schindler , Steve Maman who helped to run camp Petra for the Yezidis in Greece on behalf of CYCI,  with around 2000 refugees, spoke to the Arab Press regarding the Yezidi genocide. In his conversation with Yezidi Post he said, “I made a parallel between the Holocaust of Jews and the genocide of Yazidis and Christians in Iraq. The world turned a blind eye again. The same way. Kurdistan is corrupt and people want to gain political power instead of helping innocents. Khairi Bozani is a typical example. He stopped 20 Yezidi sex slaves we liberated from the clutches of ISIS to come back to their families. They were prevented from entering the Yezidi territories after we helped them escape. Bozani even boasted to the Jerusalem post that he blocked us from bringing them back. As a Jew, we cannot imagine this happen because Bozani claims himself to be a Yezidi”.

Many Yezidi leaders have in the recent past, have told Yezidi Post that they believe that Khairi Bozani is a converted Yezidi into Islam and that he is just a puppet installed by Barzani to oversee the Yezidi genocide. Bozani’s silence when there is a three months of blockade in Mount Shingal with the Yezidis having nothing to eat, not enough warm clothes to wear and no medicines being available is shocking to most Yezidis. Many Yezidis have been heard to be dying in Shingal as time is running out. “What ISIS failed to do, President Barzani is finishing their unfulfilled agenda”, a Yezidi leader said on condition of anonymity while speaking to Yezidi Post.

Yezidis leaders worldwide say they are deeply indebted to Steve Maman for his enormous contribution to the Yezidi cause though most are very worried as time is running out for the Yezidis in Mount Shingal. They called for immediate international help to urge President Barzani from lifting the blockade. “Cruel and inhuman Kurdistan”, a Yezidi woman cried and said as she worried whether she can see her family ever again in Mount Shingal.


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