Dharmic Yezidis see the Yezidi faith similar to the Hindu faith. Request help from Mother India to survive

The Yezidi faith is the oldest faith in the Middle East and one of the oldest surviving faith in the world today. It has a calendar of around 7000 years. A calendar developed through Science and Astronomy in ancient times. The Yezidi faith has striking resemblance to the Hindu faith. Both these faiths share certain elements.

Like the Hindus, Yezidis believe in Reincarnation or Transmigration of Souls which Hindus call “Punar Janma”. Yezidis also believe in the four elements of nature , Earth, Fire , Air and Water and consider them holy. This is represented by the Sun Cross which is akin to Hindu Swastika, in the holy Yezidi temple of Lalish. The belief through these four holy elements and Reincarnation establish the Yezidi world worldview. This includes Harmony with Nature and Harmony with Humanity. Thus like Hindus, Yezidis believe in Mutual Respect as an important component of their belief system. While Hindus do Salutations towards the Sun , called “Surya Namaskar”, Yezidis also pray towards the Sun , 3-5 times a day. Reverence for the Sun as a source of energy is fundamental to the Yezidi belief system. Yezidis pride themselves to be the Children of The Sun or being part of the Sun Civilization. The Sun symbol is embedded in the Yezidi flag along with Red- the color of sacrifice and white – the color of peace. Like the Japanese, Hindus and Native Americans, Yezidis are also part of an ancient Sun Civilization, that is almost now being wiped out.

The Yezidi temples also have striking resemblances to Hindu temples in terms of the temple tops. Both are pointed and point towards the Infinite Nature of God. Outside Yezidi temples symbols like the Sun Cross and symbols akin to Hindu Ganesh Yantra can be seen. Inside the temple is kept the Peacock Sanjak which Hindus call “Dia”. While Hindus light the “Dia” , Yezidis worship the Sanjak akin to Hindu worship of “Murti” after invoking the Divine. The Fire is sacred to the Yezidis as well as the Hindus. The Peacock Angel  is most revered and fundamental to the Yezidi faith. While Peacock is the national bird of India, it is not found in the Middle East.The Peacock Angel also has similarities to Kartick, Murugan or Kartikeya, the Hindu God or Commander -in-Chief of the Seven Sun Gods or “Adityas”. Yezidis also believe in Sun Gods as the Seven Angels. The Yezidis similar to pure Hindu beliefs are a monotheistic faith, with distinct culture and traditions developed over thousands of years. Also Yezidi New year which falls in April is quite close to the Hindu New Year. Yezidis light the lamp , welcoming the New Year, reminiscent of many Hindu traditions of lighting the lamp.

With all these similarities, the Yezidi faith is a Dharmic faith , believing in Reincarnation just like Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. The Yezidi people are a Dharmic people. Though in the Yezidi faith , there is no concept of hell for the non-believers, Yezidis have been subjected to 74 genocides in history. Recently 10,000 Yezidi men were killed and 7,000 women were made sex-slaves by ISIS. The city of Shingal, which has resemblances to the Sanskrit word Singha or Lion was totally destroyed. The entire Yezidi population in Kurdistan, around 7,00,000 are living in camps under inhuman conditions with no clean water, no proper medical facilities and with little access to education.

Thus as fellow persecuted Dharmic people we appeal to Prime Minister Modi to provide us asylum in Bharat and help the community stand up again. Governments in western countries are helping persecuted Christians from Iraq to settle down. Yezidis have no nation to turn to. It is said that around 4000 years ago, many Yezidis had gone back and forth from Iraq to India, after being sheltered in India, at the time of great flood and war.  Today, under exceptional circumstances, in the darkest days of our civilization’s history, we once again appeal to the Government of India, Prime Minister Modi and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj to provide us asylum and empower us to stand up again as a Dharmic civilization. As Yezidis, with stretched out arms, we appeal to Mother India for help.

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