Kurdish KRG’s Islamization of Shingal and the ongoing genocide against the Yezidis

Kurdish leader Masound Barzani’s Peshmerga forces are collaborating with Turkey and ISIS in the fight against Yezidis. The Kurdish Peshmerga Rojava funded by Kurdish president Mosoud Barzani are forcing Yezidis to leave their homeland under the government’s Islamization program of Shingal.

Clashes broke out between rival groups in Shingal after Peshmerga and Asayish (Kurdish secret police) forces loyal to Kurdish president were deployed in Shingal. Friday’s morning attack came after KRG Prisdent Mosoud Barzani’s official visit to Turkey to sign executive order allowing Turkish troops to be stationed in Shingal to train local Kurdish fighters.

Under Masoud Barzani’s Islamilzation program Yezidis on Mount Shingal are being forced to vacate their land. Tents, homes and other belongings are being seized unless they agree to convert to Islam. Yezidis have now where else in the world to go.

There are about 10,000 Yezidis trapped in Mount Shingal with no food or water. This is part of an ongoing genocide by Prisident Masound Barzani against Yezidis. The same is being repeated with other 800,000 Yezidis in Kurdistan as well.
We need immediate international support to stop Kurdish President Masound Barazni’s Islamization of Shingal and the absolute wipe-out of Yezidis.






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