Yezidis are facing genocide again by KRG. Need urgent international help – Nallein Al Sowilo

After nearly a week of President Barzani’s Islamization of Shingal, the once flourishing place is almost a ghost town. Disputed by PBK/PKK/KRG who are dead bent on forcing out Yezidis from their ancestral land in Shingal .The surrounding region is infested With Islamic militias and Kurdish forces .The Barzani Kurdish tribe loyal to President Barzani are claiming the region for themselves and KRG. KRG under President Barzani is arming ISIS militias in Shingal as part of their Islamization efforts.

Peshmerga has also imposed abusive government check points in Shingal .Residents who are fleeing are being asked if they are Muslim or Yezidis and Kurdish Muslim are only being allowed to remain in Shingal .Yezidi women are also being sexually abused by Peshmerga fighters.



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