Yezidis worldwide congratulate Yogi Adityanath for becoming Chief Minister of India’s most populous state

Yezidis worldwide came out to congratulate Yogi Adityanath, a Hindu Yogi and politician who time and again has rendered his support to the Yezidi cause. Yogi Adityanath today became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh where the Indian political party BJP came to power with record majority. The Hindu monk and politician is also known for his strong stand against the Islamists has always¬†spoken against ISIS and in favour of the Yezidis. As seen from the video at 4.19 min he is seen voicing his support for the Yezidis. Also in several posts from his social media page his support for the Yezidis is well articulated. YSDS President and Yezidi activist Nallein Sowilo said it is an ancient Yezidi prophecy that all Dharmic communities will rise up again. An unapologetic Hindu like Yogi Adityanath who strongly denounces the Islamists becoming the Chief Minister of India’s most populous state is a step in the fulfilment of that omen. She called upon Hindu Nationalists to help the Yezidi Nationalists to establish a Dharmic Yezidi Nation. She also called upon Hindu Nationalists to help empower the Yezidis with education and nation building. Speaking to Yezidi Post she said, “As we speak, a genocide is going against the Yezidi people in Mount Shingal by the Islamist Kurdistan Regional Authority. I call on all Dharmic people worldwide to protest against the genocide. If Hindus, Yezidis and all Dharmic people stand united, we can defeat all demonic forces”

Yogi Adityanath

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