Enthusiastic activist in US campaigns for the Yezidis


I am Dimo Valchev. I am trying to raise money to send to Yezidi associated charities to help fund their food and water since many are without this, I live in Henderson, NV, USA and I also have a physical donation jar for people in my area, please donate I am trying to help save the Yezidi people. I am a young scholar who has been stuyding the Yezidi people for a few years and their pain and suffering cause me much pain, I wanted to start this gofundme so I can send funds to Yezidis International. I don’t directly speak to any of these parties at the moment but I plan to reach out soon and will be sending cash via paypal through their donations links I will be sending all funds to these charities myself I simply want a method to organize and help this cause in my own individual way


Donation Link Page:


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