Kurdistan’s independence without a Yezidi nation can only mean death sentence for my people – Mirza Ismail


Having faced 74 genocides in the last 1400 years at the hands of Islamic neighbors, and in the backdrop of extreme persecution continuing even today where Yezidis from Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG ) controlled regions are being evicted by the authorities in a matter of 24 hours or less. Yezidi leader Mirza Ismail today made a frantic appeal to all Western Powers including US  President Donald Trump and European leadership for supporting an independent homeland for the Yezidi people “Ezdixan” without which he believes survival for the Yezidi people is impossible. Being recently quoted by Brietbart, Mirza Ismail perhaps stand as the last hope for the Yezidi people who connect themselves with the ancient indigenous Sumerian civilization and faith, very distinct from the Muslim faith of their Kurdish neighbors. His interview is below.


Describe how the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is treating the Yazidi community?

The KRG is mal-treating the displaced Yezidis in camps in Northern Iraq and especially the Yezidis’ political and human rights activists.  In general the KRG’s treatments of Yezidis cannot be worse, by torturing, detaining, assassinating Yezidi activists; the KRG does whatever is necessary to do to get rid-off the Yezidi activist, those who tell the “Truth about the violations by brutal regime of the KRG.


When did the KRG start kicking the Yazidis out of Iraqi Kurdistan?

The KRG started kicking the Yezidis out of its region in Northern Iraq more than a year ago.  However, at the beginning were individual cases of the Yezidis’ political activists; then followed by Yezidi human rights activists and now the KRG is kicking out the Yezidis in groups those who joined-up with the Popular Mobilization Force to liberate their Yezidi regions from ISIS.


How long is the KRG giving the Yazidis to leave Iraqi Kurdistan?

The time given is varying from individual or family group cases to cases; I have talked to some families; those families only were given about two hours to leave the KRG region. E.g.: The KRG’s asayish (Barzani’s Mafia Group of torturing, assassinations and killing) team visited those families at about 10:00 am and told them that they have to leave before the lunchtime, which was less than 2 hours. For my colleague’s (Sufyan) case, the asayish team visited his family and told them the family has to leave the KRG region within 24 hour.   There are also family group; who are given few days to leave the KRG region.  The asayish personnel would visit those families and tell them “You have few days, if you put pressure on your man/men to leave the Popular Mobilization Force and come join-up the KRG peshmergas,” you can stay here in the Kurdistan region and if you cannot do this, then you have to leave immediately!


Why is the KRG kicking the Yazidis out?

The KRG is losing faith in the Yezidi society after most of its peshmergas and civilians joined up with ISIS and killed, kidnapped, burned and raped the Yezidi young women and girls.  The KRG has tried many different missions and political tactics to gain the Yezidis’ trust and to control the Yezidis as they did before the ISIS attack on August 03, 2014, but the KRG has failed in all its missions to control the Yezidis again!  However, the KRG was able to buy the Yezidi’s prince, clan leader like Qassem Shesho, Qassem Smeer, Qassem Dirbo, Hayder Shesho, Sheikh Shamo, Vian Dakhil, Mohama Khalil etc. for large amount of money.  Despite trying all attempts, the KRG failed to gain the Yezidi’s public trust and the Yezidis have learned the lesson this time the “Real enemy of the Yezidis are the Kurds!”  Therefore, the KRG now is kicking the Yezidi’s political, human rights activists and Yezidi fighters out of Kurdistan region, so the KRG can instill the fears among the other Yezidis who have lived there for thousands of Yezidis to leave or to “Vote KRG at the up-coming Referendum.”


Who issued the order to remove the Yazidis from Iraqi Kurdistan?

The order to remove the Yezidis is actually from Barzani, but his asayish (Mafia organization) giving the order to the Yezidi families or individuals to leave Iraqi Kurdish region.


Who is threatening the Yazidis?

The Asayish (Security force) and the Parastin (KRG Intelligence), the asayish is in charge of detaining, torturing, and abusing and the parastin is in charge of assassination.  Since the arrival of the Yezidis from Shingal/Sinjar and Nineveh Plain to KRG region because of the ISIS attack in early August of 2014 to present hundreds of Yezidi activists and civilians kidnapped from different IDP camps and a week later were found dead in nearby valleys or open fields.


Why are the Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan?

The Yezidis live in their ancient homeland, Iraq, Western Iraq, Southeastern Turkey, Syria and Balabek Area in Lebanon are originally Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian’s ancient homelands, but Kurds came and settle their during the Islamic expansion. The Yezidis are the ancient people of the Sumeria, the birthplace of the civilizations, so the Yezidis are not in Kurdistan, but the vice-versa is the “Truth” the Kurds are in our land!


What is the KRG doing to Yazidis or anyone else who voice opposition to the independence referendum?

The KRG is doing its best to get rid of all those Yezidis who voice opposition to the independence referendum in Barzani’s way!


Where are the Yazidis being told to go?

The KRG does not tell the Yezidis where to go, but when the KRG kicks the Yezidi family or individual, number one place is Mount Shingal/Sinjar and some activists go to Baghdad like my colleague Sufyan Mando.  The Sinjar is not safe for the Yezidi activists because the KRG still in control in many parts of the Northern side of Mount Shingal, several Yezidi men were killed in war-torn city of Shingal.  We know there no ISIS there but instead the KRG’s asayish and parastin who are the real ISIS and unfortunately the KRG is fully supported by the West to wipe off the Yezidis in Iraq.


Do Yazidis support the KRG independence referendum?

No, no Yezidis support the KRG independence referendum accept a small “Kurdified Yezidis” who have accepted Kurdish whether of political interest, fears or large amount of money.


Does the KRG represent a Democracy where people are free to voice their opinion?

The KRG Authority does not know what does the “Democracy” means! If there is a “Dictatorship and Brutal Regime in the World” then the KRG is that. There is no freedom of speech and there is no freedom of opinion under the KRG regime. The Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International followed the past federal and provincial elections very closely, in Shingal region, the Yezidis had to vote the KRG at gunpoint. One-asayish personnel would check mark more than 100 election tickets!  Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq for 24 years and he was considered by most of the Western World dictatorship # 1. And Barzani has been the president of KRG region since 1991, which 26 years, so two years more than Saddam and Barzani’s regime is considered most democratic and freedom system in the Middle East by the West. Barzani has been president of the KRG region two years over his term since the last KRG elections and he refuses to step down and he still considered democracy by the Western World!


What can the United States do to help the Yazidis in KRG?

The United States can create an “Autonomous Region” for the Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian in Shingal and Nineveh Plain that is directly tied to Baghdad’s Central government and provide them with military training and military supplies to be ready to defend their nations and indigenous lands in case of another extremist attack.  The United States also declared that what the ISIS has done against the Yezidis is “Genocide” and therefore, there should be a “Moral Obligations” the US to follow to make sure genocide does not happen against the Yezidis.


What message do you have for the Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress?

The Yezidi Human Rights Organization – International hopes that the Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress take an immediate action to re-building the Yezidi and Chaldo-Assyrian regions (Shingal and Nineveh Plain) and provide the necessary support, safety and security, so the Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian can go back to their ancient regions and the region be administered by Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian only.

We also hope that the Trump administration and Congress cut all military and financial aid to Barzani and his KRG’s mafia organization; Barzani is not a less terrorist than Abo-Bakir al-Baghdadi and his ISIS organization.





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