Baba Shiekh declares formation of Yezidi Nation “Ezdixan” and bless the formation of cabinet council

Under pressure from Yezidi activists worldwide and in the backdrop of the Kurdish dictator Barzani making a move to declare Kurdistan as a nation, evicting and killing Yezidis at random, Yezidi spiritual leader Baba Shiekh has come forward to declare the formation of Exdixan, a Yezidi Spiritual Nation in the heart of otherwise Islamic Middle East. This nation he believes will be democratic, with equal opportunity for all in terms of race, gender, birth and sexual orientation and will be in sharp contrast to the Sharia law that exists in Kurdistan for all citizens. This he sees as the only way forward for the Yezidi people to maintain their ancient Sumerian Indigenous Civilization and survive. Like Hindus, Sikhs and other communities Yezidis believe in Reincarnation , Sun Civilizational beliefs and have maintained it despite 1400 years of persecution. Being part of Kurdistan will mean an end to those values.

Yazidis Proclaim the Establishment of a Provisional Government
Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail, Head of the Supreme Spiritual Council of Ezidikhan.

(AINA) — Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail, the head of the Supreme Spiritual Council of Ezidikhan, has declared the establishment of a provisional Yazidi government. In a proclamation published on July 25, he calls for Yazidis who were displaced by the ISIS genocide to return to their homelands.ISIS captured Mosul in June of 2014 and subsequently engaged in a systematic genocide of Yazidis and Assyrians, killing thousands of Yazidis and hundreds of Assyrians, driving nearly 200,000 Assyrians away from their homes in the Nineveh Plains, displacing tens of thousands of Yazidis and capturing and selling Yazidi women as sex slaves.

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The proclamation outlines the structure of the provisional government and lists nine goals:

  1. Actively promote Yezidi immigration and the return of the Yezidi Diaspora;
  2. Foster the economic, social and political prosperity and stability of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants;
  3. Implement a charter and Constitution protecting individual and community freedom, justice and peace as envisaged in the traditions of Ezidikhan;
  4. Advance and establish customary and judicial laws to ensure equality of social, economic and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, creed, ethnic identity or sex or political affiliations;
  5. Guarantee to the citizens of Ezidikhan freedom of press, religion, conscience, language, education, legal rights and culture;
  6. Affirm that Treaties concluded by the Executive Administration and approved by the Governing Council shall be the law of the land;
  7. Safeguard any nation that wishes to come under the protection of Ezidikhan in a manner consistent with an agreed bi-lateral treaty;
  8. Safeguard the Holy Places and sacred objects of all religions; and
  9. Be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and international law.

The proclamation was signed by five Yazidi leaders.



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