Indigenous American activist Damon visits Middle East to help the Yazidis

In a show of solidarity and support for the Yezidi people of Iraq who were brutally singled out for genocide by ISIS, a prominent Amerindian rights activist and UN indigenous rights defender agreed to travel to Jordon and Iraq this October 8th at the invitation of the Yezidis’ supreme spiritual leader, the Baba Sheikh, Mirza Ishmael – founder of Yezidis Human Rights International and Nallein Sowilo. He met surviving Yezidi victims and documented ISIS crimes against the Yezidi people of Iraq and interviewed Kain – an indigenous tribe of refugees in Jordon,
in order to compile a historic case on behalf of the Yezidi People, against captured ISIS members for the crime of Genocide at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague – so that JUSTICE may finally prevail. Damon Corrie, Chief of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks Barbados Chapter of the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP),and Co-founder of the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO) also Co-Founder and Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization (IDDO) – was recently appointed by His Holiness the Baba Sheikh as the Yezidi nation’s official Ambassador-at-large to the world.Damon will be in communication with Chase Iron Eyes, another prominent Native American Indian activist, attorney,
politician, journalist, and member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. As founder of North America’s most popular indigenous news media website, Chase Iron Eyes (via LRI) will be exclusively sharing field reports and project updates on social media.Damon Corrie and Chase Iron Eyes have appealed to all friends and
supporters of the Yezidis and Amerindians alike to help them to raise funds needed to undertake the dangerous return journey that Damon has agreed to take on.

Damon has completed his first fact-finding Mission to Iraq.Due to the build up of Iraqi Armed Forces on the border with the Kurdistan Autonomous Region (which borders the Yezidi Autonomous Region). Damon was unable to visit the Yezidi communities & Towns of North Western Jordon instead for a period of about a week. In a co-ordinated effort between Yezidi, Kain refugees & Jordanian investigated human rights abuse and genocide of indigenous tribes he investigated sacred sites of indigenous people for protection and return land to indigenous Kain,
gathering valuable and sensitive information that could result in multiple deaths of innocent persons if it fell into the wrong hands, and safely got it out of the country. This information will be used as the basis for multiple legal cases seeking justice and compensation for Yezidis from multiple parties that are guilty of committing international war crimes against the Yezidi People and Kain population so in that sense the trip was successful – albeit in a manner not envisaged prior to actual boots on the ground.Few things in the volatile middle East ever go according to plans hatched in advance.

Here Damon gives a brief overview in his own words:
“Well, I want all of our kindhearted supporters whose financial donations made this trip possible, and brothers Roberto, Chase and Mirza Ismael – who have been supporting me behind the scenes, to know that the experience was an eye-opener as those with blood on their hands for the Yezidi genocide are many (and many culprits are so-called
respectable western persons & entities we did not suspect from our mainstream media that covers their tracks well) – and it is a far deeper and darker rabbit hole than I think anyone realizes – and is certainly fraught with danger at every twist & turn. Despite the hardship of Jordon, I am determined to go back and spend longer, one week was not enough time to do as many things as I had hoped, but on this occasion it proved to be perfect timing – as if I had stayed one day longer I would have gotten stuck in the conflict between the Iraqi Forces and Kurdish Forces, so as I always say – the Creator knows best, for my extra personal security just in case, as I had one incident on my second to last day where I was in the midst of gunfire when Jordon fired shots in air (partially recorded on my cell phone camera). Though I did not suffer a scratch. People have to understand that every Human Rights Defender chooses this vocation VOLUNTARILY out of a sense of honor and duty to our fellow man. And we accept that our lives ARE going to be on the line, and that each of us will almost certainly be targeted for assassination by some powerful government or private business interest. We know several fellow Human Rights Defender colleagues of ours from the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues who have been murdered over the last 17 years of this new century alone – and mostly in their own home countries under dubious official cover stories that leave the hired perpetrators still roaming at large and free from justice. Now that I know what the reality on the ground is like, I think we need to appeal for funds to enable me to return for a longer second Mission in early 2018 where additionally a camcorder (not a tool I had to use this time) is taken to record on video the testimonies of ISIS victims – which tends to have a greater impact that written accounts – though these are certainly
also very valuable as legal foundations for our cases”.


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