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Following the Peacock [Video]

A documentary by Eszter Spat.

Eszter Spat – Yezidis and Following the Peacock

BY MARTIJN Eszter Spat obtained her Ph.D. at the Central European

A Journey into Lalish Temple

By Hassan Shingali Accompanied by Yazidi and Muslim friends who wanted

The Yazidis’ Religion & How the Kurds Abandoned the Yezidis – by Staffan Hasan

Note from Vasuvaj Editor of the World’s only Sanskrit Magazine Sambhashana

Religious practices

Prayers Yazidis have five daily prayers: Nivêja berîspêdê (the Dawn Prayer),

Religious beliefs

Yazidis are monotheists, believing in one God, who created the world and

Origins of Yezidi

The Yazidis are a mostly Kurdish-speaking people who adhere to the

Demographics of Yezidi

Historically, the Yazidis lived primarily in communities in locales that are