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Hindu organization helps to create a scholarship program for needy Yezidi students

Global Hindu organization Sewa International, charity wing of the world’s largest

Sere Sal Special – Interview with Gulie Khalaf of Yezidis International

“Because of the concept of reincarnation there is no belief in

Sere Sal Special – Interview with Khdr Tamoyan of the Yezidi National Union, Armenia

“They called us Arabs, Kurds and tried to wipe out our

Organized efforts lead to a camp exclusively for Yezidis in Greece – CYCI update

  Will hopefully end the constant threats of extermination the Yezidi

Is Shia majority Azerbaijan using Islamic State recruits to wipe out Yezidis in neighboring Armenia ?

Yezidis again are at the receiving end, this time in Armenia

Yezidi men come forward globally to marry rescued Yezidi women and former ISIS sex slaves

By Gulie Khalaf – treasurer and founder of Yezidis International Yezidis

Yezidi protection force YBŞ repel ISIS attack near Shingal, kill over 30 jihadis

  YBŞ troops consisting of Yezidi men and women taking part

Yezidi national flag spotted during Barcelona – Real Madrid game

Spectators were surprised to see audience during the Real Madrid Barcelona

Yezidi national resistance force (YBS) rescues captives from ISIS – Barzani led KRG terrorists try to kidnap them again

By Mirza Ismail Yezidi national resistance force (YBS) yesterday rescued a

Russian soldier on lone mission calls airstrike on himself surrounded by ISIS on all sides

Proudly wearing his uniform beside his pregnant wife, this is the