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Yezidis celebrate the rebirth of spring and fertility of nature

On April 20th  Yezidis all over the world celebrate the rebirth

Yezidis worldwide prepare for Sere Sal 2016 – the Yezidi New Year – in pics

The Yezidi New Year is almost a month after the Kurdish

Fertility and Renewal: The Yezidi New Year Festival Sere Sal

Sere Sal festival honors ancestors and the ‘Fiery Bird’ Tawûsê Melek

A Journey into Lalish Temple

By Hassan Shingali Accompanied by Yazidi and Muslim friends who wanted

The Yazidis’ Religion & How the Kurds Abandoned the Yezidis – by Staffan Hasan

Note from Vasuvaj Editor of the World’s only Sanskrit Magazine Sambhashana

Raising awareness of a community in danger, the Yezidis

Some Yezidi people lived in Kurdistan, in north-east Iraq, and some